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Jenaer Philharmonie

The Jena Philharmonic Orchestra is an indispensable presence in the cultural life of the city of Jena and Free State of Thuringia. In addition to its regional quality as Thuringia’s largest and exclusive philharmonic orchestra, the Jena Philharmonic Orchestra is also recognised as a flagship ensemble both at home and abroad. As such, it is an obvious partner for prominent soloists and guest conductors from around the world.

Standout projects — including a critically acclaimed nationwide Mahler-Scartazzini cycle and “DER KLANG VON JENA” (“The Sound of Jena”), popular theme days featuring different concert formats — reflect a young and dedicated orchestra constantly on the move. The Jena Philharmonic Orchestra actively engages with its city and is committed to music education and reaching new audiences. Its concert series include performances at local venues such as Volksbad, a performing arts space; Kassablanca, a club; Trafo, a former transformer substation converted into a contemporary arts space; and at different University of Jena locations. The orchestra also appears in ArenaOuvertüre, an annual open-air concert at the Lobeda-West fairground.

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