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Joana Mallwitz

“She is an inquisitive artist who knows how to motivate an orchestra while simultaneously demanding the highest standards. She can immerse herself in the intricacies of sound color but also knows when to let go.” This was the opinion of the jury from the magazine “Opernwelt” in the autumn of 2019 when they named 33-year-old conductor Joana Mallwitz “Conductor of the Year”.

Mallwitz, who since the 2018/2019 season has been General Music Director of the Nuremberg State Theater, is celebrated by critics as an “extraordinarily talented conductor” able from her position in the orchestra pit to shape and animate the musical action like a “stage director in sound” (Reinhard J. Brembeck in the Süddeutsche Zeitung).

Born in the German city of Hildesheim, Mallwitz received her musical training at the Hochschule for Theater and Media in Hanover, where at the age of only 13 she was accepted into the school’s institute for highly gifted young artists. She studied conducting with Martin Brauß and Eiji Oue as well as piano with Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and Bernd Goetzke. In 2009, she was awarded the Praetorius Music Prize of the state of Lower Saxony.

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