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Konstantia Gourzi

Longing for Harmony

Konstantia Gourzi spans bridges between cultures and epochs across time and space. She does this as a composer, where she finds her voice in unifying elements that seem to have nothing in common. She also does it as a conductor and teacher, where in consonance with others she constructs a new world of equal opportunities, between male and female, the strange and the familiar.

A Greek now living in Germany, Konstantia Gourzi was born in Athens in 1962. She knows that finding artistic authenticity today is a particular challenge. Even more so since technical progress offers composers almost unlimited access to the musical creations of all times and places. The more one is affected by different stimuli and the more one has to process them, the greater the challenge in finding a clear, yet individual artistic voice. However, the greater also the spectrum for inspiration.

Of course, in Konstantia Gourzi’s case, her specific cultural background plays a major role. On the one hand her Greek roots were a strong influence, which are inseparable from the early Christian Byzantine traditions, and the influence of oriental musical cultures on Southern Europe. On the other hand, she is also embedded in the western world, with its polyphonic canon and the international avant-garde of modern instrumental development, and building on sound, noise and structure research. Konstantia Gourzi’s creativity stems from the tension between these opposites.

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