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Konstantin Reinfeld

Konstantin Reinfeld is one of the best harmonica players worldwide. His deep musicality and virtuoso mastery of the instrument confidently transcends genre boundaries and expands serious music. Being awarded with the German Grammy for classical music (Opus Klassik) in 2019 also acknowledges his exceptional artistic work. His repertoire ranges from Bach to Bartôk to Chick Corea and embraces classical, jazz, film and world music at the highest level.


A music show changed his life decisively. At the age of thirteen, Konstantin Reinfeld heard the harmonica on a musical television program and is deeply touched by its sound. The instrument, which is almost invisible in the musician’s hand, is intimately connected to the player and the sound is highly personal. Similar to the human voice emotions are immediately translated into music. This is what resonates with Konstantin Reinfeld right away and inspires him to pick up the harmonica himself.

He started to explore the possibilities of the instrument with inexhaustible energy and learned to produce all the semitones on a diatonic harmonica soon. This is all the more amazing considering that there are hardly any teachers for this virtuoso skill and Konstantin Reinfeld had to find his own ways to acquire it. He found inspiration in online harmonica forums, which he continues to develop further with musicality, creativity and perseverance. Soon Konstantin Reinfeld became known in the professional world and was invited to perform at the biggest international harmonica festivals. This is where his reputation as one of the best harmonica virtuosos in the world grows. Consequently Konstantin Reinfeld turned into the youngest ambassador of the world’s leading harmonica manufacturer Hohner starting an everlasting collaboration.

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