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Trio Orelon

Harmony, creativity and a thirst for discovery: this is what the piano trio Orelon, founded in Cologne in 2018, stands for. They owe their name to the world language Esperanto in which “Orelon” simply means “ear”, thus symbolising the many aspects of listening in music: listening to each other, listening to oneself, immersing oneself in the structure of the composition, sensing and  listening to the connection between audience and artists during the concert.

Violinist Judith Stapf, cellist Arnau Rovira and pianist Marco Sanna came together at the conservatoires in Cologne and Berlin. All three had already gained experience in chamber ensembles but dreamed of playing in a classical piano trio. For the members of the Trio Orelon, they are seeking harmony not only musically but also on a personal level. In doing so, they maintain an inquisitive and dynamic view of the works for their instrument combination and connect this with an irrepressible energy and desire for differentiated expression.

Symphonic density, homogeneous sound, “chamber music intensity and emotionality” (FAZ)- these qualities were already attributed to the Trio Orelon shortly after its founding. After their first concerts the trio was selected by the Werner Richard – Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation for a scholarship in the summer of 2019 and they subsequently gave guest performances at numerous renowned chamber concert series.

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