Maren Borchers
Fon +49-30-644 752 40

Maren wants to be able to play Johann Sebastian Bach’s Italian concert in her life time. She is also not uninclined to live her life as an Amazone warrior – obviously a peaceful one.

Philip Krippendorff
Fon +49-30-644 752 41

Philip’s heart beats not only for classical music but also for the Tuscan countryside and Hollywood’s golden era.

Ninja Anderlohr-Hepp
Fon +49-30-644 752 45

Ninja can’t live without the colour yellow and is a walking soundtrack: She knows the perfect piece or song for every situation – with her repertoire spanning from Tallis to Rammstein. Secretly she is head chef of her own jam manufactory and regularly goes wild picking fruit in her neighbour’s gardens at night.

Birgit Niemeyer 
Fon +49-30-644 752 42

Birgit enjoys ancient music. She has experienced one of the most exciting moments in her life on Glinkastraße, close to Komische Oper: having passed Kilometre 41, turning left.

Martina von Brüning
Fon +49-30-644 752 43

She lives her love for silent films in public – her love for operettas somewhat more secretly. But Martina’s enthusiasm for the Usedom evening sky is completely uninhibited.

Helena Maria Fein(Werkstudentin)

Dancing sparked Helena’s love of music very early. Today the menu is classical music for breakfast, Latin melodies for lunch and disco for dinner.

Ulrike Gratz (parental leave)
Fon +49-30-644 752 44

Ulrike loves life, art, and the enjoyment of both. Anything she doesn’t discover in her many travels, she finds in music, films, contact with other people, and even in productive idleness from time to time because “too much of a good thing can be wonderful” (Mae West).