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Dresden Music Festival

In 2020 the Dresden Music Festival makes a bold statement under the motto »Inspiration Nature« from May 12 to June 12, 2020. »Nature is at the heart of human interest. To the composers of epochs past, it provided boundless inspiration; to artists of today it is a yardstick and source of all vitality. Will future generations be able to experience the diversity and richness of nature in the same way? The 2020 programme of the Dresden Music Festival may be considered a contribution to this discussion, which is raging all over the world,« says Jan Vogler, Director of the Dresden Music Festival.

One focus of the 43rd Dresden Music Festival in 2020 is also on Ludwig van Beethoven’s oeuvre: 19 concerts are dedicated to that great revolutionary of the classical era, reflecting the entire breadth of his work in many different facets. One highlight of the Beethoven celebrations is the world premiere of the Triple Concerto »Alisma« for Violin, Cello and Clarinet by the Swiss composer William Blank. A homage to Beethoven’s famous Triple Concerto, it will receive its first performance in Dresden on May 21, 2020 by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Fabio Luisi, with soloists Mira Wang (violin), Jan Vogler (cello) and Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet).