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Strijkkwartet Biennale Amsterdam 2020

The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam – the world’s biggest string quartet festival – presents its second edition from Saturday 25 January until Saturday 1 February 2020 in Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw. The festival is an eight-day journey through tradition and experimentation; to the familiar and the unknown. Discover, celebrate and share the string quartet in over 50 concerts, lectures, talks and masterclasses during the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam.

Following the success of the first festival in 2018 (over 10.000 tickets sold), string quartets and audiences from all over the world will be able to submerge themselves again in eight days of string quartet during the biggest string quartet festival in the world.

Headliners for the 2020 edition are, among others: the Artemis Quartett, Juilliard String Quartet and Jerusalem Quartet. In total, over 25 ensembles from all over the world present the core string quartet repertoire, hidden gems and world premières.