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Maren Borchers Fromageot

Managing Director and Co-founder


Maren is determined to learn the Italian Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach in her lifetime. She is also not uninclined to live her life as an Amazone warrior – obviously a peaceful one.

Fon +49-30-644 752 40

Philip Krippendorff

Managing Director and Co-founder


Apart from classical music, Philip's heart beats for Hollywood's Golden Age. Although he has lived in many different places around the world, Tuscany remains his great love.

Fon +49-30-644 752 41

Ninja Anderlohr-Hepp

Publicist and Project Manager


Ninja loves the colour yellow and has the fitting soundtrack in mind for every situation - with a repertoire ranging from Tallis to Tocotronic. She is head chef of her private jam factory, poaching her neighbourhood frequently.

Fon +49-30-644 752 45

Ulrike Arens

Publicist and Project Manager


Loves life, art and the enjoyment of both. What she doesn't discover on her many travels, she finds in music, in films, in encounters with other people - and now and then in productive idleness because "too much of a good thing can be wonderful" (Mae West).

Fon +49-30-644 752 42

Dr. Susanna Schulz

Publicist and Project Manager


Susanna has a passion for everything colourful and diverse, especially in music, painting and modern dance. Innovative artistic collaborations and formats that explore something new excite her. When she needs a break, she dances salsa, plays the piano or dreams of a waterfall in the Mexican jungle.

Fon: +49-30-644 752 44

Martina von Brüning

Associate Project Manager


She lives her love of silent film in public - her love of operetta a little more secretly. But Martina's enthusiasm for the Usedom evening sky is completely uninhibited.

Fon +49-30-644 752 43

Alessia Schumacher

Social Media Manager


Alessia wishes she could time travel. When she's not performing as a singer, she enjoys discovering the world!

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