Jewish Chamber Orchestra Munich

Since it was founded in 2005, the JEWISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MUNICH has developed a unique profile: It sees itself as a contemporary Jewish voice, is present on a wide range of international concert stages and, with ever new alliances and formats, takes unusual paths in order to make contemporary Jewish culture lively and audible for everyone. , something that can be experienced and made visible – an internationally relevant concern that the orchestra carries out into the world as a matter of course. In addition to tours to Israel, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, North America and China, among others, the JCOM appears as an ambassador of Jewish culture in guest performances within Germany. It is an orchestra for all nations and religions. His musicians come from over twenty countries, are Jewish and non-Jewish and mostly live in Germany.


At the highest artistic level, the JCOM cultivates the rich Jewish musical tradition and a repertoire that ranges from the baroque to the present day; it brings forgotten Jewish composers to light and fills former places of Jewish life with living culture. The orchestra regularly commissions compositions and maintains long-term collaborations with world-renowned soloists and important cultural institutions such as the Bavarian State Opera, the Museum Villa Stuck and the Munich Kammerspiele. Education and mediation projects round off the profile of the orchestra.


Daniel Grossmann has been dealing with the question of how Jewish culture can take its place in social consciousness and how he can contribute to intercultural dialogue throughout his professional life. With this question in mind, he founded the JEWISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA MUNICH in 2005 (initially the Jakobsplatz Munich orchestra), which has since developed under his direction into an internationally renowned, professional orchestra of a high musical standard and which also stands out in Munich's diverse cultural life thanks to its extraordinary projects.


Daniel Grossmann comes from a Jewish-Hungarian family and was born in Munich in 1978, where he still lives. He began his conducting training with Hans-Rudolf Zöbeley, then studied at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City with Scott Bergeson and at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest with Ervin Lukács. His extensive discography includes Jewish composers such as Viktor Ullmann, Paul Ben-Haim and Marc Neikrug, but also works by Iannis Xenakis and John Cage as well as Beethoven's 3rd symphony.

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